Bad Guy is the song that appears in the Season 3 episode, Bully for Mr. Conductor, shown through The Picture Machine by Mr. Conductor to Dan Jones. Showing Dan that bullies are nothing more scared and weak themselves. The song's general meaning focuses on the idea that bullies are the real life equivalent of villians or "bad guys" from fictional works like films. The song was written and composed by David Shire and performed by Richard Bernstein, Didi Conn's husband and younger brother respectively.


Who is that guy who spoils the cowboys fun?

The one who always hides behind a moustache and a gun

The one who comes around and makes the gentle people run

He's the Bad Guy! The Bad Guy!

Who is that guy who's always in your way?

The one that wants to beat you up when you just want play

The one who like a thunder storm can ruin a summer day

He's The Bad Guy! The Bad Guy!

Sometimes it seems he's all over the place

Jumping out from bushes throwing dirt in your face

It seems your life is cursed and you don't know what to do

Well my friend I got a helpful piece of news for you

A bully's a guy who likes to think he's tough

But underneath he's gutless as his mama's powder puff

and if you finally stand your ground and shout "I've had enough!"

That bully will get going when he sees the goings though

And you're a Good Guy! Who's now a glad guy!

And the Bad Guy, is now a Sad Guy, 'cus you got Mad Guy

And that Bad Guy's gone for good, for good

When the Good Guy's do what they should

The Bad Guy's get going for good, for good