Be Good To Yourself is the song that appears in the Season 1 episode, Word's Out, shown through The Picture Machine by Mr. Conductor to Stacy Jones, Harry Cupper, Matthew Jones and Tanya Cupper as a way to cheer them up after hearing the railway system has been rerouted. The song's message goes by the famous "Love yourself before you love others" quote. The song was written by Joe Raposo and sung by Vicki Mayo.


You Be Good to Yourself, Be your own best friend
You're the one on who you can sure depend
Be Good to Yourself, a friend through and through
Who else do you trust anymore than you?
When the going's easy you got not worry
'Cus there's lots of friends around
But if times get tough, friends then to scurry
and it seems like you're alone in town
You Be Good to Yourself, be your own best pal
Having faith in yourself is very logical
Be Good to Yourself, good in every way
It's a sure fire recpie that'll make your day
'cus that face there in the mirror
Is a friend, oh indeed!
Be Good to Yourself
You're the one good friend you need
Be Good to Yourself, give yourself a treat
'Cus there's no one nicer that you'll ever meet
Be Good to Yourself, give yourself a hand
If you beleive enough, than everything is grand
Please do yourself a favor
see how good it makes you feel
Nice things come in every flavor
The Table's set so have a meal
Be Good to Yourself, take a holiday
Even worse seems better if you start to play
Be Good to Yourself, start to strut your stuff
when you're up and happy and can't get enough
If you're feeling down and lonely
Here's the way you should proceed
Be Good to Yourself
Be Good to Yourself
Be Good to Yourself
You're the one best friend you need!

I wanna tell ya...Be Good to Yourself

Cartoons used in this song

  • Chicken A La King (1937)
  • Bunny Mooning (1937)
  • Hawaiian Birds (1936)
  • Small Fry (1939)
  • All's Fair At The Fair (1938)