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Played by

Danielle Marcot

Becky, whose last name is never revealed, is Kara and Dan's best friend at Shining Time Station. She was played by Danielle Marcot.


Becky is a kind and considerate young lady, we know that she has a father, and that she collects pin-on buttons. Her well-groomed appearance and dress suggests that she's from an upper middle-class family (Becky has pretty dresses and she's able to host a large house party as seen in the episode Oh, What a Tangled Web).

Becky is one of the few friends at Shining Time Station who has had more direct experience with the effects of Mr. Conductor's magical wishing stars. She's indirectly responsible for the harmless chaos that ensued in Becky Makes a Wish, and for bringing the cowboy from the distant past featured on the station's wall mural to life.




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