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Billy's Party is a VHS featuring a third season episode and a Schemer Presents! episode.


ALL ABOARD! Thanksgiving is a time for sharing, but the folks at Shining Time Station have their own holiday plans. Schemer's preparing for a fantabulous feast of the future, Midge is boasting about candied yams and pumpkin pies. But when Ginny's dog, Mr. Filthy, runs away with her turkey, and Billy misses the last train to see the Hoboes and Boomers - special railroad people -, everyone amazingly ends up back at Shining Time Station for a celebration we are all thankful for.

Enjoy festivities and fun with everyone including Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends for a Thanksgiving gala with special surprises added exclusively for home video.


  1. Billy's Party
  2. Schemer Presents!: How to Have Good Table Manners

Thomas episode


  • Despite it being the fifth volume released by KidVision it is listed as "Volume 6" possibly because of the Sweet and Sour VHS released by TV Teddy, the last two videos after this later on would list them as Volumes 7 and 8 afterwards.


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