Bully For Mr. Conductor

Wayne Moss


Nancy Chapelle


Brian McConnachie


George Carlin

Air date

April 9, 1993

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Schemer's Alone

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Stacy Cleans Up

Bully for Mr. Conductor is the third episode of the third season.


Becky and Dan show up at Shining Time Station and find Stacy and Mr. J.B. King in Billy's Workshop. Stacy tells the kids that, while Billy is working on the Sunset Flyer train and she's helping the manager at Chubby Corners Station, Mr. King will be running the station. Dan asks Stacy if he and Becky can go with her to Chubby Corners, but Stacy says that Mr. King has a favor to ask the children. The favor turns out the me Mr. King's nephew, Buster. He will be visiting the Station later and Mr. King asks the children to play with him. As Stacy is leaving, she tells Becky and Dan that Buster is not the easiest kid to get along with and asks the children to be nice to him and make him feel welcome.

Later, Dan and Becky go to ask Mr. King when Buster will arrive, but he's too busy looking on the floor for Mr. Conductor. When Mr. Conductor appears on the table, the kids try to show him to Mr. King, but he won't listen to them.

Dan and Becky say hello to Buster, however Buster doesn't reply. Then, Buster harasses Dan by taking his nickel away and threatens to beat him up. Becky and Dan try to convince Mr. King that Buster is an awful person, but he is too distracted by looking for Mr. Conductor. Dan tells Mr. Conductor about how he's dealing with an awful child. Mr. Conductor tells Dan the story about Bulgy and tells Dan to stand up against his enemy. Dan states that he'll hide first. Mr. Conductor than shows Dan a movie about bullying and then Buster returns and threatens to beat Dan up. Then, Dan tells Buster to leave Mr. Conductor alone so loudly that Mr. King hears his scolding that he bumps his head. Schemer arrives with another ice cream cone for Buster and runs away. Before Buster can continue draw on the walls, he backs up into his uncle. Mr. King scolds Buster severely for his behavior and tells him to go outside. Later, he apologizes to Dan for what had happened. Dan asks if he got to see Mr. Conductor. Mr. King tells him that he didn't get to see him, but says that he has the feeling that Mr. Conductor's somewhere in the station. The episode ends with Mr. King telling Dan to keep everything private and he exits the station to speak to Buster.


Thomas Story

Jukebox Band Segment Song

  • Jamaica Farewell

Songs and Cartoons


  • Neither Billy nor Kara appear in this episode.
  • Another Indian Valley Railroad engine is named in this episode: The Sunset Flyer.
  • Ira Glasner makes another appearance as Buster in the direct to video spinoff Schemer Presents! episode, How to Share. In this episode, Buster still acts like a bully but reconciles with Schemee.
  • This is the first episode to have Mr. Conductor's name in the title.
  • The pen Buster is trying to draw on the mural with is a Mr. Sketch blue pen.



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