The Conductor Family is a family of 20 centimeter tall people.

List of members

The First Mr. Conductor

The first Mr. C was played by Ringo Starr.

He was wary of newcomers but he warmed up to Stacy Jones, Matthew Jones, Harry Cupper and Tanya Cupper.

The Second Mr. Conductor

The second Mr. C was played by George Carlin.

He was the first Mr. C's cousin. He was wise and kind.

Lily Conductor

Main: Lily Conductor

Lily Conductor is the second Mr. C's aunt.

Sister Conductor

Main: Sister Conductor

Sister Conductor is the second Mr. C's sister.

She was played by Teri Garr.

The Third Mr. Conductor

The third Mr. C was played by Alec Baldwin.

Mr. Conductor Junior

Main: Mr. Conductor, Junior

Mr. Conductor Junior was the third Mr. C's cousin.

He was played by Michael E. Rodgers.

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