For The Birds is the fourth episode of Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales.


Inside Shining Time Station, an agitated Mr. Conductor is telling the goldfish about the previous night's windstorm damaging the early birds' nest. Mr. Conductor desperately wants to help them, but doesn't know how. The goldfish suggests organizing the other birds to stage a benefit concert, and asking Skylark to sing in it. Mr. Conductor is very reluctant to do so and remarks that Skylark reminds him of Sir Handel because he is so stuck up. To illustrate the point, he proceeds to tell the story about Sir Handel's first day on the Island of Sodor.

The plot resumes with Mr. Conductor pretending to call Mrs. Skylark, only to have her abruptly hang up on him. A miffed Mr. Conductor says that someday Skylark will learn her lesson just as Sir Handel did when he met George the steam roller, and tells the tale to explain.

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  • The still used for Mr. Conductor's opening scene is from the Family Special Once Upon a Time. You can make out the word FOU(NDER) on the banner above the station's platform window.
  • It's been established in Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin that Mrs. Early Bird is a robin.
  • When Mr. Conductor is thinking of others who could help he mentions Old Brown the Owl's "Who" song by saying "That who song of is his always a hit. We'll call it The Who: Live in Concert!". This is a reference to the famous rock band The Who.