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Help Your Wish Along is the song that appears in the Season 3 episode, Becky Makes a Wish shown by Mr. Conductor after Billy Twofeathers assures Becky that making wishes is a normal thing to do. The songs meaning is if one does make a wish, they must be sure to do the things that will make the wish come true, simply saying "I wish" may not make the wish come true. The song was composed and written by David Shire, and performed by B.J. Ward.


If you make a wish and simply wish and wait

Your wish will sit there too, like a balloon you don't inflate

'Cus your wish is only strong, if you Help Your Wish Along

Your stomach really hurts, you wish it wouldn't ache

Then you go cut yourself another piece of cake

Well that's obviously wrong, you gotta Help Your Wish Along

Your wish is a pony, who will take you to your goal

But you've got to feed it, and coax it, and lead it

With all your heart and soul

Yes when you make a wish, you both become a team

So offer it your hand and march together to your dream

You will float there like a song, when you Help Your Wish Along

If you Help Your Wish Along, you gotta Help Your Wish Along

Yes Help Your Wish Along, you gotta Help Your Wish Along

Yes Help Your Wish Along

Mr. Conductor: You gotta Help Your Wish Along

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