J.B. King, Esq. is the superintendent and owner of the Indian Valley Railroad (IVRR). He is portrayed by Mart Hulswit.


J.B. King's grandfather B.J. King was an engineer on the Indian Valley Railroad, and has a nephew named "Buster". J.B. King owns the IVRR with efficiency from the line's main office.

J.B. King is the only adult in the valley who believes in Mr. Conductor's existence, but has yet to see him. His conviction that Mr. Conductor is real stems from a childhood memory where, as a lonely boy waiting for his train to arrive at Shining Time Station, was whispered some comforting words by one of the Conductor Family. J.B. King searches for signs of Mr. Conductor on occasion whilst visiting Shining Time Station, once finding his miniature Conductor's cap on the arcade floor. It is probably his belief that Mr. Conductor makes Shining Time Station a special place that prevents him from permanently closing the station.


A kind, stern and demanding man, J.B. King nonetheless is fair even as few of the shenanigans taking place in the station (especially by Schemer) try his patience on occasion.



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