Jesse James is an American folk song about the outlaw of the same name, sung by The JukeBox Band in the Season 1 episode, Word's Out and in the VHS special A Day in the Life of The Jukebox Band. The song depicts Jesse James as an American version of Robin Hood. Two visual versions of the song were made, the original of the band peforming in the Jukebox for Word's Out. The second being the band performing on a stage set designed like a train for Tito's dream sequence in A Day in the Life of the Jukebox Band.


Jesse James was a lad, he killed many a man

He robbed the Glendale train.

But that dirty little coward, that shot Mr. Howard

Has laid poor Jesse in his grave.

It was Wednesday night, the moon was shining bright

they robbed the Glendale train.

The people they did say for many miles away:

"It was robbed by Frank and Jesse James!"

Jesse was a man, a friend to the poor

he would never see a man suffer pain, no no

And with his brother Frank, he robbed the Chicago bank

and stopped the Glendale train.


Word's Out

A Day in the Life of The JukeBox Band


  • The cover by The Jukebox Band combines two versions of the song, the original and a version called "I Wonder Where My Poor Jesse's Gone".
  • Frank James in the Day in the Life version is played by the Younger Tito puppet.

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