Laugh and a Half is the song that appears in the Season 3 episode The Joke's on Schemer shown through The Anything Tunnel by Mr. Conductor to Dan Jones, Kara Cupper and Becky after they explain to him why Schemer was pulling pranks on the day before April Fools. The songs lyrical meaning describes how it's find to play jokes on friends and family as long as it's all in good intent. The music and lyrics were written by David Shire. The song was sung by George Hearn.


Isn't it fun to play jokes?
Fool an old friend with a devilish hoax
But it's better by half
If it makes your friend laugh
It's a laugh and a half!
Maybe a pie in a face
Get the gang rolling all over the place
But if that pie covered guy
Still can smile through the fly
It's a laugh and a half!
It's nice to think twice
Before you douse your cat with paint
You may think it's funny
But the cat sure knows it ain't
So when you are planning your tricks
Thoughtfulness has to be part of the mix
'Cause when you are all through with whatever you do
If everyone there is as happy as you
It's a laugh and a half 'cause no one hates you
It's a laugh and a half; no one berates you
It's a laugh and a half; you'll let no beuses
It's a laugh and a half so no one loses
(Laughs) There's lots of grinning!
(Laughs) New friends you're winning!
(Laughs) No ink you're squirting!
(Laughs) So no one's hurting!
It's a laugh and a half
And a half and a half and a half (Laughs)

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