Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin was a human figure from a drawing that was brought to life through Mr. Conductor's gold dust.


Dan drew a picture of Mr. Conductor, whose gold dust fell on it. This negative replica was determined to make everyone hate Mr. Conductor.

Kara later asked him to clean the station, but he only made a mess and caused more trouble.


Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin is wicked and dastardly. Everything he says is always in rhyme and he likes to cause trouble. He also is talented at pretending to be someone he really isn't.



  • His weakness is glue, which can turn him back into a paper cutout.
  • If he ends up on the paper he was made on, the evil twin will be trapped back in the paper.
  • There are two versions of the paper the double comes from one of which was made for George Carlin's actual life size scale.

Gallery (In Double Trouble)

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