Mr. Conductor's Fourth of July

John Ferraro


Nancy Chapelle


Sean Kelly


George Carlin

Air date

June 25th, 1993

Previous episode

Bad Luck Day at
Shining Time

Next episode

Stacy Forgets
Her Name

Mr. Conductor's Fourth of July is the thirteenth episode of the third season.


While Bily and the kids are outside listening to Stacy's speech on freedom, Schemer and Schemee go on a secret mission and turn the station upside down to look for gold. Schemee vacuums up Mr. Conductor's magic dust and he cannot disappear anymore.


Thomas Story

Jukebox Band Segment Songs

  • New River Train
  • Patriotic Medley with four Independence Day songs
  • John Henry (replacing the patriotic medley in some international airings)


  • This is the first time a member of the Conductor Family (Mr. Conductor) runs out of gold dust. The only other times were in One of the Family and Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
  • The one-man band Washboard Hank, who previously appeared in the season 2 episode "All's Fair," makes a return appearance in the opening scene.
  • In some international airings, the song "Patriotic Medley" is replaced with "John Henry" from the Season 2 episode "Crackpot."
  • This is the first and only time we see Schemer and Schemee see Mr. Conductor (although not in clear view).
  • This was the last episode to have one appearance of a Thomas story, before some Season 1 stories were repeated, starting with Stacy Forgets Her Name.


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