Mysterious Stranger is the nineteenth episode of the third season.


Everyone is scared when things start to disappear in the station. The kids want to stay late at the station to catch the thief, but Stacy thinks it is dangerous so she won't let them. However, it turns out to be a monkey that has been accidentally left behind by a circus train.


Thomas Stories

Henry is afraid the rain will spoil his paint so he stops in the tunnel and refuses to come out. Eventually everyone gives up on getting him to exit the tunnel. A displeased Sir Topham Hatt has the rails to the tunnel pulls up and bricks up the tunnel opening leaving Henry alone and stranded.

Gordon is proud of being the only engine strong enough to pull the express. But just outside of the tunnel next to the one Henry is shut up in. Gordon’s safely valve bursts and he can’t pull the express any further. Edward tries to push the coaches but can’t even move them. Sir Topham Hat asks Henry if he wants to come out of the tunnel and help.

Jukebox Band Segment Song

Cartoons and Songs


  • The Nick Jr. version of this episode was shortened to permit advertising breaks. Tito's initial segment with Didi and the "Waltzing Matilda" song were removed from the same version of this episode.
    • Also, in the Nick Jr. version, the scene where Henry is being bricked up in "Come Out, Henry!" is shortened.
  • Despite some the items being disappeared, Schemer's missing comb isn't mentioned at all during the episode.
  • Schemer can be seen holding a leash around Felicity's waist when she is first revealed.
  • When rewatching the episode, it can be made out that the shadow is that of the monkey.
  • "Come Out, Henry!" was given its UK title, "The Sad Story Of Henry", in the credits.
  • This is the first episode where the Jukebox Band acknowledges Mr. Conductor