Old But Wise is the song that appears in the Season 1 episode, Ring in the Old shown through The Picture Machine by Stacy to Matthew and Tanya, to show the two how the elderly can be wise and how they can learn so much from them. The song shows the perspective of the singier reminiscing about a friend of his who was an old man, now that he has reached his friends age, he takes his friends advice to heart. The song's was sung and written by Kevin Roth and produced by The Fable Factory.

It was also featured on the Birthday Party Singsongs audio cassette where Rex played the song on Jukebox Radio as a tribute to the various older people who may be listening to the show.


When I was young I used to play by the firehouse after school each day

had an old friend, that was way back when

He had a wrinkled face and twinkling eyes

and he used to take me fishing by the river side

Everyday, come what may.

He was oh so Old But ah so Wise

He'd say "You're only as old as you feel inside"

I learned many things from that old man

Besides how to catch fish by the river bend

How to keep a smile, for a good long while

Yes life's like a fishing and he throws out his line

Gets a pretty good catch not all the time

I don't mind, he was strong and kind

He was oh so Old But ah so Wise

He'd say "You're only as old as you feel inside"

Now I'm getting old as you can see

But I'm happy with my grand kids on my knee

when they say "Hey, tell me about the good old days"

I think of my friends say "Life's like a train, keeps a runnin'

down the track through the sun and rain"

And the magic grows, when you come to know

When you're oh so Old But ah so Wise

You'll see you're only as old as you feel inside

He was oh so Old But ah so Wise

yeah you're only as old as you feel inside


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