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Really Useful Engine is a song from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. It was in Thomas and the Magic Railroad as one of the many songs sung in the movie. It was sung by Steven Page and some children and written by Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell.

It was also featured in the first episode of Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales, Missing Whistles. In the film, the song plays during a montage of the engines working as per normal as well as in the end credits.


Film Version

He's a Really Useful Engine you know
All the other engines they'll tell you so
He huffs and puffs and whistles
Rushing to and fro
He's the Really Useful Engine we adore
He's a Really Useful Engine you know
'Cos The Fat Controller he told him so
Now he's got a branchline to call his very own
He's the Really Useful Engine we adore
He's the one, he's the number one
Thomas the Tank Engine
He's the Really Useful Engine we adore




  • The song in the film and soundtrack are shorter than the original version.
  • The soundtrack version opens with sound effects and dialouge between Thomas and Bertie from the film.

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