Screen Songs is a series of cartoons produced by Fleischer Studios of Paramount Pictures from 1929 to 1938, the same company that made the Color Classics cartoons. These cartoons were known for making the precaurser of karaoke and on screen sing-a-longs for some cartoons had songs at the end with the lyrics on screen and a bouncing ball for the words to be sung.

Like the Color Classics cartoons, Screen songs films are in the public domain for use on shows like Shining Time Station.

List of cartoons used in Shining Time Station:

  • The Golden State (1948) (used in And the Band Played Off)
  • The Ski's The Limit (1949) (used in And the Band Played Off)
  • The Funshine State (1949) (used in And the Band Played Off)
  • The Stork Market (1949) (used in And the Band Played Off)
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