Shining Time Station SingSongs is a VHS featuring sixteen songs from Shining Time Station.


  1. Shining Time Station theme Song
  2. Everyone's A Winner (Field Day)
  3. Be Good To Yourself (Word's Out)
  4. Follow Directions (Mapping it Out)
  5. Better When He Grows Up (Do I Hear)
  6. What Goes Around Comes Around (Just Wild About Harry's Workshop)
  7. Let's All Work Together (Whistle While You Work)
  8. Old But Wise (Ring in the Old)
  9. Kite Song (Faith, Hope and Anxiety)
  10. We Do Things Differently (Agree to Disagree)
  11. Baking a Cake (Two Old Hands)
  12. Caring (Achoo)
  13. Don't Be Afraid (Does It Bite?)
  14. What Am I Afraid Of (Scare Dares)
  15. Learn From Your Mistakes (And the Band Played Off)
  16. Bounce Back (Show and Yell)


  • All of the Mr. Conductor clips were taken from first season episodes.
  • This is one of the few Shining Time Station VHS tapes that don't feature Thomas the Tank Engine
  • The images on the front and back cover are all taken from Be Good To Yourself.


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