Splish, Splash, Splosh is the fifth episode of Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales.


Mr. Conductor is sorting out letters on the Shining Time Station ticket desk, but a distraction from his goldfish causes him to lose count, much to his frustration. He says he feels like Duncan in the story, "Passengers and Polish."

After the story is done, Mr. Conductor has finished sorting out the letters, but his sudden sneezing sends some of the letters scattering. Mr. Conductor is annoyed at this, but he reminds himself to be patient, as Duncan had to learn. He then tells the story, "Gallant Old Engine."

After the story is done, Mr. Conductor has gathered up all the letters, but notices one letter under the tripod holding the goldfish bowl. He tries to get it out with his foot, as his hands are full with the letters, but ends up dropping the letters on the floor, scattering them again. Mr. Conductor realizes that it all happened for being in such a big hurry, like Bertie in "Bertie's Chase."

After the story is done, Mr. Conductor has finished gathering up the letters on the floor. He explains to his goldfish that being in a big hurry would only result in more trouble, just like what happened to Peter Sam in "Peter Sam & the Refreshment Lady."

After the story is done, Mr. Conductor is gathering everything up, but his stamp keeps falling. He feels like he is having "one of those days", as in "horrible days." When the stamp lands on his foot, it hurts so much that Mr. Conductor almost curses, but is stopped by his goldfish who reminds him no matter how bad the day is, it is important to keep one's sense of humor. This reminds Mr. Conductor of Duke in the story, "You Can't Win."

Finally, Mr. Conductor is finished with his work. He tells his goldfish that having a cold is the same as having a bad day, as one can't do everything about it in both situations. However, no matter how bad the situation can be, one will get over it soon. He sneezes again, but fortunately, manages to prevent his letters from scattering again. He thanks his goldfish for being a wonderful audience and rewards him with the song, "Gone Fishing."

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  • The episode shares the same name as one of the Thomas & Friends episodes from its thirteenth season.