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Stacy Cleans Up is a VHS.


ALL ABOARD! As Mr. Conductor helps Stacy and the kids discover a valuable lesson about the environment.

A train of garbage gets stuck at SHINING TIME STATION when the Indian Valley Garbage Dump closes. As the day goes on, the Station is buzzing - with townspeople, the Juke Box Puppet Band, Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends - and garbage flies! As the garbage pile grows... and sits... the smell overwhelms the station. When Mr. Conductor shows Stacy, Dan and Kara that there is more to garbage smell, they realize that recycling will put an end to the garbage train's problems - and help the environment.

Enjoy this classic episode of SHINING TIME STATION - which includes special surprises added exclusively for this video.


  1. Stacy Cleans Up
  2. Schemer Presents!: How to Get Something Done

Thomas episode


  • The song "I've Been Working on the Railroad" is listed on the back cover, but that song is not in the episode on the tape. The song that is in the episode on the VHS, "500 Miles", is not listed on the back cover.


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