Stop the Press is the fourteenth episode of the second season.


The kids write a newspaper, but by mistake, they make up different stories.


Thomas Stories

Jukebox Band Segment Song

  • Tennessee Central No. 9


  • This is the first time we see Mr. Conductor with an animal friend whose scale is the same as his. Britt Allcroft had confirmed that the little white dog seen on his lap in the opening scene actually belonged to George Carlin. A photo of the dog in his wife's arms can be seen in Carlin's autobiography Last Words (2009). George apparently dotted on the wee dog and was often seen carrying it around in public as visited the Harbourfront Antique Market in downtown Toronto.
  • The uncredited animated drive-in movie sequence featured in this episode is from the 1984 short film (18:15 mins) narrative Easy Living by Chip Lord and Mickey McGowan. In 1993, 4:45 minutes of the drive-in sequence was licensed under sale by Quality Family Entertainment to use as an introduction and closing segments of the Shining Time Station episodes released on home video.
  • As Mr. Conductor is bouncing on the signal arm, a wire can be seen making the actual bouncing motion.



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