The Nickelaire Club is a club mentioned in Schemer's Special Club. It was founded by Mr. Hobart Hume I who was President of the Club.  After his death or retirement his son Hobart Hume II became the club president and after his son's death or retirement his grandson Hobart Hume III became the current president of the club.  In the episode Schemer's Special Club Schemer wants to join the club but after learning from Hobart Hume III what the club was really about and Hume wouldn't allow his friends to join, Schemer decided not to join the club and kicked Hume out of the station.  

According to Hume the purpose of the club was to provide a Haven from the rest of the world and that they were the dessert and the rest of the world was just merely left overs!  He also stated that only men were allowed to join the club and not women, children, or people of diffrent cultures as it was mentioned by Stacy Jones that her grandmother Gracie Jones tried to join the club but wasn't allowed to because she was a woman.

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