Win, Lose or Draw is the fourth episode of the second season.


The kids enter a drawing contest. Becky does not like the way her picture looks, so she asks Mr. Conductor to use his magic to draw her a nicer picture. Schemer steals Billy's ink to draw a self-portrait, but finds out that it is disappearing ink. At the end, Becky learned to appreciate her original drawing and she won third prize.


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  • Arkansas Traveller


  • In the Fox Family Channel version, many scenes were mixed around or edited out.
    • The scene where Becky tells Kara her drawing isn't ready was edited out.
    • The scene where Schemer "borrows" Billy's special ink was seen earlier in the episode.
    • The scene where Becky asks Mr. Conductor to make a better picture of Stacy was edited out.
    • After the commercial break, the scene where Schemer asks the kids to make a picture of himself was edited out.
    • Tito's magic piano story was edited out.
    • The Jukebox Band song was edited out.
    • The part where Mr. Conductor tells Becky that he was going to Mt. Careful to jump over molehills was shortened.
  • In the Nick Jr. version, during "Double Trouble", the scene of Toby taking Annie and Clarabel is cut out.
  • This is Barton Winslow's first appearance.
  • Gerry Parkes joins the cast.
  • You'll notice that Barton's manner of speaking always switches to 1950s slang whenever he puts on his leather jacket.
  • Mr. Conductor tells both stories to Becky in this episode.


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