Win, Lose or Draw

Stan Swan


Nancy Chapelle


Jill Golick


George Carlin

Air date

November 21st, 1991

Previous episode

The Magic is Believing

Next episode

Sweet and Sour

Win, Lose or Draw is the fourth episode of the second season.


The kids enter a drawing contest. Becky does not like her picture, so she asks Mr. Conductor to use his magic to draw her a nicer picture. Schemer steals Billy's ink to draw a self-portrait, but finds out that it is disappearing ink. At the end, Becky learned to appreciate her original drawing and she won third prize.


Thomas Stories

Jukebox Band Segment Song

  • Arkansas Traveller


  • In the Fox Family Channel version, many scenes were mixed around or edited out.
    • The scene where Becky tells Kara her drawing isn't ready was edited out.
    • The scene where Schemer "borrows" Billy's special ink was seen earlier in the episode.
    • The scene where Becky asks Mr. Conductor to make a better picture of Stacy was edited out.
    • After the commercial break, the scene where Schemer asks the kids to make a picture of himself was edited out.
    • Tito's magic piano story was edited out.
    • The Jukebox Band song was edited out.
    • The part where Mr. Conductor tells Becky that he was going to Mt. Careful to jump over molehills was shortened.
  • This is Barton Winslow's first appearance.
  • Gerry Parkes joins the cast.



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