Would He Ever is a song shown in the Season 2 episode, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not shown through The Picture Machine by Schemer after his confusion of Stacy Jones acting affectionate to him. The song is from the perspective of a girl who is wanting to gain the love and affection from the boy she desires. The music and lyrics were written by David Shire. The song itself is interesting for it is the only song in Shining Time Station to give reference to God.


If I made him cookies and some honey tea
Climb the highest mountain, swarm the deepest sea
If I threw confetti from his back yeard tree
Would He Ever, even notice me?
If I send him roses and a dancing bear
Wore a nest of robins tangled in my hair.
If I dared to tell him, just how much I care
Would He Ever, really see me there?
Please God make him understand
Make him simply want to hold my hand
If I walked a tightrope wearing just a grin
Found a magic carpet, took him for a spin
If I played him tennis, but I'd let him win
Would He Ever, Could He Ever
Will he ever, only let me in?

Cartoons used in this song

  • Color Classics - Jack Frost (1934)
  • ComiColor - The Three Bears (1935)
  • Color Classics - Time for Love (1935)
  • Fleischer Studios - Bunny Mooning (1937)
  • Gulliver's Travels (1939)
  • Noveltoons - The Enchanted Square (1947)