"What's a nickel? It's barely five cents!"
— Schemer, convincing Becky to spend her money.

Wrong Track is the ninth episode of the second season.


After Stacy is forced to stay at the station and work out new train schedules and miss her highly-anticipated vacation, the kids from Shining Time decide to throw a party to cheer her up.


Inside the jukebox, the band members feel sorry for Stacy with Rex and Didi weeping at her predicament. Tex suggests that they do something to pick themselves up. Just as Tex is about to say what, Dan throws out the idea of giving Stacy a surprise party to Kara and Becky.

Mr. Conductor suddenly appears in the gondola of a hot air balloon asking if he missed a party. Kara explains that they were only planning one. Mr. Conductor says that he's been invited to a party where his balloon will help him play leapfrog with the frogs at Lucy's Leap. As he floats away, he says that you need to be an expert to work hot air balloons and admits not being an expert just as the balloon suddenly shoots up and is heard crashing into the ceiling. Mr. Conductor and his toppled gondola end up on the ticket counter and the kids rush over to see if he is okay. They resume their conversation about throwing a party for Stacy because her vacation was spoiled. Mr. Conductor says that she's lucky to have friends like them to help her when she's feeling sad. It reminds him of Thomas, James and the breakdown train and he has just enough time before his leap frog party to tell the tale. After the story, Mr. Conductor summarizes it by saying that everyone needs help sometimes, and then sparkles away to attend his party at Lucy’s Leap. 

Becky is inspired to give Stacy the best party possible and suggests pooling their money together to buy her a gift just as Ginny walks in. When the kids share their plan for a surprise party with Ginny, she offers them a box of homemade fudge from her farm. Ginny also offers to go home to fetch a few jugs of cider for the party, then go over to Barton Winslow's store to find a gift. Kara and Dan go off with Ginny as Becky remains behind to make decorations for the party.


Thomas Stories

Jukebox Band Segment Song

  • Sweet Betsy from Pike


  • This is the first time that Stacy reveals that she has a sister named Tracy that lives in another town.
  • Both Thomas stories feature Thomas in a main role.